Dolphin doesn't show symbolic links in FUSE mount

When a filesystem is mounted using FUSE Dolphin doesn’t show any symbolic links. I first found this when mounting a BorgBackup archive, as reported here, and thought it was a problem with Borg. However the same problem also occurs then using archivemount to mount a tar archive.

It occurs in openSUSE 42.1 using Dolphin 15.12.3, and in 42.2 using Dolphin 16.08.2, both KDE5. However it doesn’t occur in 13.1 using KDE4 (don’t have a 13.2), also Konqueror always shows links OK, probably because it’s still KDE4. This made me that think it’s a KDE5 problem, but then enkore on the Borg forum found that Dolphin 16.12.2 using KDE5 displays them OK in Arch Linux.

Could someone else confirm the problem please.
The easiest way is to use archivemount to mount a tar archive, as shown below:

# Create: some directories, files, and links to be archived.
mkdir -p ~/test-fmount
cd ~/test-fmount
touch f1
ln -s f1 l1 # Relative, to file, at top.
mkdir d
ln -s d ld  # Relative, to dir, at top.
touch d/f2
ln -s $PWD/d/f2 d/l2 # Absolute, to file, in sub-dir.
cd ..

# Create and mount a tar archive
tar -cvf test-fmount.tar test-fmount
mkdir -p /tmp/fmount
archivemount test-fmount.tar /tmp/fmount
dolphin /tmp/fmount &

Please consider raising a KDE Bug Report for this issue.

Please be aware that, Leap 42.2 is using a LTS (Long-Term-Support) version of KDE Plasma 5.

Please also be aware that, there are other issues with KDE Plasma 5 Dolphin which have associated KDE Bug Reports and also, one which is mentioned in the Leap 42.2 Release Notes <>.

  • 3 General -->> 3.2 Dolphin Does Not Set Extended Permission Bits

Thanks for the warning about Dolphin clearing existing extended permissions bits. Useful to know, but should not be related to this problem.
I have reported this problem as an openSUSE bug on Bugzilla because it doesn’t seem to be a bug in other distros such as Arch Linux.

It would still be helpful if someone could confirm this bug using the script given above.

It’s likely not an openSUSE specific bug, but probably rather something that was fixed in later KDE Frameworks releases.

Actually it sounds like 369275 – Virtual symlinks to large files are not visible which has been fixed in 5.28.0.

I’ll prepare a testing package with the fix, but let’s continue in your openSUSE bug report…

Btw, @dcurtisfra: neither dolphin nor kio (which dolphin uses for the actual work) has anything to do with Plasma5, it is one application (of many) that uses the KDE libraries/frameworks. So it is irrelevant here what version of Plasma5 openSUSE uses.
And there’s no such thing as a “KDE Plasma 5 Dolphin” either… :wink:

Just for the record, a question:

  • Leap 42.2 is using a KDE LTS version.
  • Exactly which bits and pieces of KDE are going to be “Long Term Supported”?

KDE is a community, it doesn’t have a version. :wink:

Exactly which bits and pieces of KDE are going to be “Long Term Supported”?

Plasma (i.e. the desktop itself) 5.8 is LTS, which means there will be further Plasma 5.8.x bugfix releases upstream (for about another year I think) although 5.9 has been released already. Currently the last 5.8.x release (5.8.9) is scheduled for 10.4.2018 according to Schedules/Plasma 5 - KDE Community Wiki.

Not developed by KDE, but Qt 5.6 is LTS too, there will be 5.6.x bugfix releases for another 2 years or so.

The KDE Applications and KDE Frameworks do not have an LTS version.

In the end that doesn’t matter much for 42.2 though: Like any other openSUSE release, its packages are fixed and frozen at a certain version.
Normally bug and security fixes are backported for updates. (Although backporting fixes is likely easier for an LTS version, the code may have changed too much in new feature releases)

We did release the full Plasma 5.8.3 and parts of Plasma 5.8.6 as update for 42.2, but that’s rather the exception than the norm.

KDE Dot News: posted yesterday – 20th March 2017:

In February, KDE’s Plasma team came together in for their yearly in-person meeting.


KDE is experimenting with new ways to deploy applications. Under consideration are technologies such as Flatpak, Snap and AppImage, which all have their distinct advantages. Support for bundled applications is being built into Discover, Plasma’s software management center, and the KDE Store. An idea is to allow software developers more control over their applications’ lifecycle, and to get updates shipped much quicker into the hands of users. Similar as with packages automatically created from our Git code repositories. This can dramatically cut down on the complexity of the deployment chain.

Exactly how this will affect issues being raised against KDE Applications within any given openSUSE Leap point release cycle is possibly a point for discussion at the upcoming openSUSE Conference end of May this year.

  • We a living in exciting times . . .

This will not affect Leap as a distribution at all.

And it is not related at all to what I wrote either, nor the topic of this thread… :wink:

Maybe, possibly, need to add that, the fix is in the Leap 42.2 “KDE:” Repository:

KDE Frameworks 5 & Plasma 5
Releases of KDE Frameworks 5 and Plasma 5. Since openSUSE 13.2, KDE Frameworks 5(KF5) libraries, and Plasma 5 components are part of the standard distribution repositories. If you want test and/or use the latest release, you can use this repo.

Qt 5: <;
KDE Frameworks 5: <;

Yes, but that would mean upgrading all KDE and Qt packages to the latest versions…
(and you need KDE:Applications on 42.2 too to prevent conflicts…)

I did prepare packages with the fix for standard 42.2 and 42.1 though and intend to submit an official update.
See 1030145 – When a filesystem is mounted using FUSE Dolphin doesn't show any symbolic links.