Dolphin crash after jdk installation

I’ve had openSUSE for a few weeks ago.

I had tried to install a jdk (sun, open) on my computer, but after the installation dophin’s root mode didn’t work furthermore… the errormessage was: “the process couldn’t be started: the name org.kde.klauncher isn’t provided by any .service files”.

Please, help me! The KDE3 filebrowser is so ugly :frowning:

What are you using KDE 3or KDE4.1/KDE 4.2. I have installed Sun java may be 10 times and never had a problem with Dolphin.And I will consider my self a novice.

Check what is the output when you type “dolphin” on the konsole prompt. And you can do one thing, open Yast. and reinstall dolphin from there. May be this will fix the problem…

I’m ashame. The problem was simply the JDK installation was incorrect. It was solved by reinstalling OpenJDK. Thank you four your answer.:shame::shame::shame: