Dolphin copy/move progress bar broke, gone?

The last post similar to this that came up in a search was for v12.3 in 2013, so for NOW…:

When copying or moving files in opensuse 13.1, Dolphin popped up a small, separate window showing the progress of the move, even though it was defective in that it showed the disk-space reservation of the new file rather than the actual transfer of data - meaning no useful information as to actual progress in the transfer until either a pop-up appeared or a sound played indicating completion of the transfer. At least there was a popup window.

In opensuse 13.2, there is no such dialog and the destination pane shows the file, such as a large file or a transfer to a USB stick, as indicating its final transfer size even though it might actually be several minutes before it’s completion, indicated only by a popup that only lasts for a second, at most, and maybe a sound. If you miss that popup, you’ll wait a really really loooong time in order to be assured that the entire file has been transferred.

What’re the odds that Dolphin will again have a progress-bar for file copy/transfer operations, and that it will indicate actual file transfer progress instead of only disk-space reservation?

Did you check the “Notifications and Jobs” icon in the tray/panel?

I didn’t think it was a function that needed a “job notification” in a panel. It used to simply appear next to the Dolphin window and gave me a progress-bar, such as it was.

A “job notification” is not what’s desired, here. What happened to the “progress bar” as a separate dialog?

I’ll check to see what it does, but if that’s how KDE/Dolphin wants to handle such basic functions, we’re doomed.

I liked the change. I think it’s configurable somewhere. Probably in the “job notification” panel itself.

Yeh - I see that, but don’t see a progress bar. If the file is large or takes longer than a few minutes, I’m left dangling, wondering where I am in the transfer and how much longer it will be.
It’s a function that should not be lost.

From the link above :
Right click on the (i) icon -> Notifications Settings -> uncheck “File transfers and other jobs”.

Keep in mind you need to restart plasma for this to take effect.

Thank you, glistwan; that indeed did work to get the original function back.

Now - for the other part of the post - I still consider the Dolphin progress-bar to have lost some function in that it now only apparently displays the destination disk-space reservation - or perhaps only that it recognises the files to transfer? - instead of showing the actual progress of the transfer, which I have always recognized as the purpose of a progress-bar.

Does a way exist to recover a file-transfer indication that shows the progress of the transfer as it happens, not merely the minimal indication that “something’s being done” with the file?

I expect that’s clear as mud, but not sure exactly how to say it…

Hmm for me it shows normal progress. It only shows that something is being done for example when I’m extracting something from archive. When doing normal file copy it shows “real progress”.

Hi Greg: Where do you see the progress-bar that actually works like a progress-bar?
I don’t see it.

I’ll send a screenshot once I get home to my PC :slight_smile:

This is the progress bar I’m talking about.

Yes, that is indeed what I see now, which for me doesn’t work as it used to.
Instead of moving across the dialog keeping pace with the transfer, the bar rips across to the full indication of the final full transfer, but then I must wait until the transfer actually is completed. The “progress” part is gone.

How about yours - can you actually watch the bar progress across the dialog as the file transfers, or does it immediately show the full transfer and then wait for the transfer to complete (which is what mine does)? I only know it’s complete when the dialog disappears.

Yes I can watch the bar progress across the dialog as the file transfers. Not sure why it’s not working for you as expected.


Weird. Thanks, Greg. Maybe I’ll ask at KDE.