Dolphin Copy and lost or changed file names

Are you using a GUI to copy try command line. A lot of large files can sometimes fail in some situations at least it was in the past. If it is just the manes it sounds like possible name mangling due to unknown char or maybe even a different character sets.

In this case I doubt it is the length of the command line because the grabled name is not the longest one in the range.

Maybe check if the filenames on the NAS are also stored in UTF-8.

Also, the suggestion to use the command line for comparisson is worthwhile, but then plaese, please do quote all those filenames thouroughly. Not only for the white space, bur specialy also for things like &, which have a special meaning for the shell.

The command line rules OK!!! I ran the cp command from terminal to copy directory from NFS mount on local machine to destination on local machine and the copy seems perfect. Over 23,000 files so I have not checked them all but the ones that caused problems before are now OK.

This leaves me with some detective work because both copies made using Dolphin gui either from samba share or the local mounted NFS failed but I shall close this thread with my grateful thanks.

While I use the GUI of course, I am not realy a fan of GUI programs. They tend to hide the reality fom you. Now we know that the NAS and the system work to expectations. But who is the culprit when you use Dolphin? Dolphin? Some other GUI thing behind it?

Success. Nice that we could have been of help.