dolphin colors for items

I had this problem in ubuntu so you can read the workaround here ->background - when I select a file in dolphin the name disappears - Ask Ubuntu
However now I have another issue.
I’m using opensuse 12.2 rc1, but thought it might be more appropriate to post here.

So anyway, when I select a file in Dolphin (dolphin-4.8.4-2.1.1.i586), the file name disappears. using GNOME 3, haven’t tried KDE.
I’m using the default theme Adwaita so I went to /usr/share/themes/Adwaita/gtk-2.0/gtkrc. This isn’t very intuitive given that I’m using gnome 3. One would expect gtk-3.0
anyway, so I changed gtk-color-scheme = “” and went to the
selected_fg_color=#ffffff and changed it to #000000
this works, now the text appears.
BUT, now there is no way to tell if an item is selected until I move the cursor away from the item. ( well the little red - sign shows up on the left)
As I recall, the item should be highlighted (blue) as soon as I select the item. I have to move the cursor off the item for it to change the bg color to blue.
There is no “hover” attribute in gtkrc. I’ve looked through all the Adwaita files.

sorry if I should post this in the beta forum.

This problem seems to be just a gnome 3 issue. Works fine in KDE. But why did dolphin work fine before in gnome 3? The real problem is that the background color is not showing when selected, not that the text is white (#ffffff).
I really have enjoyed using both kde and gnome applications side by side in eachother’s desktop environment. Would really like to get this working.