dolphin, color the background

I remember that in konqueror used as filemanager was possible to colorize the background, is this possible with dolphin?? I looked for but in the few options thereisn’t any possibility to do this.

you can’t change Dolphin’s background from within Dolphin but it can be changed from within the system configuration > Look & Feel > Colour options in KDE.
not sure how to do it in Gnome as have never used it.

This will also have an effect on other applications though.

I need this to differentiate when I’m on a dolphin window as superuser or as simple user, how can I modify the system configuration > Look & Feel > Colour options in KDE only for root user?
have I to login as user or is there other solution?

I hardly ever use dolphin super user. But my normal dolphin is set to split window. Super user will be default NOT split.

shouldn’t it better with a red-ferrari background to enhance the danger of superuser operations?? :slight_smile:

simply log in as user an set the background preferences then log out and log back in as root and set the background colour preferences.
Setting colour background as user will have no impact on launching dolphin as a super user.

Remember though, when you change the colour background pref it will change all background colours - not just dolphin.

No need to login as root. Simply hit F2 and run
kdesu systemsettings
and pick/create a different color scheme. Anything that you change when you run Personal Settings this way will be for the root user.

Alternatively you can use
kdesu /usr/bin/kcmshell4 module colors
to run the colors module only.

yeaaahh this was I wanted :slight_smile: maaaany thanks, how hard is to find the names of other applications/programs like “systemsettings” in order tu run them as superuser?

What I wanted too - it stops the Software Installer looking different to all my normal apps because its not using the same theme (I never knew how to set root’s theme without logging in as root which is Very Bad TM).

Is there a way to ‘Copy’ my appearance settings to root’s by the way?

You can use “Import Scheme …” in the case of colors. The color schemes of your normal user’s account are kept in ‘~/.kde4/share/apps/color-schemes/’ . Similar with for example QtCurve Settings files (’~/.kde4/share/apps/QtCurve/’), if you use QtCurve that is.