Dolphin changed after update to KDE 4.1.3

I have opensuse 11.0. I updated to KDE 4.1.3 and all the places I had on the left panel (“places” panel) are gone. I had on the panel: network places, root folder, and my other hard disk partitions and something else.
Any suggestion how to take them back?

You should be able to right click on a drive or folder and select add to places.


I can add folders to my places. But how can I add drives? I did not see this option.

Before update to kde 4.1.3, on the left panel i had these icons:

  • Home folder
  • Network
  • Trash
  • Internal Hard drive 1
  • Internal Hard drive 2

Each one with a different icon.
And they are also gone from “Menu Applications” -> “Computer” -> “Places”

if you have the drive mounted and you know where they are at you can just drag them there also
you can also find where you have them mounted at right click the icon add to places

I know how to add folders, but I do not how to add the network and trash as it used to be when I first installed opensuse.

thats not what you said in previous post but ok
if you want trash in places right click in an empty spot in places and show all entries that will put the trash there
and for the network if your using kde4’s kicker click on it goto computer you should see network and with dolphin open drag the network icon to places that should do it

right click in an empty spot on dolphin’s places panel does nothing, it does not show me a menu.

If “kde4’s kicker” you mean the “Application Menu”, in the computer tab, the network icon is also gone. Actually, all my icons are gone here, only the ones I put manually again from Dolphin.

then it sounds like you have more problems besides just no icons in the place area in dolphin

maybe if i was you i would rename the hidden kde4 folder to like kde4.old then log back in and start a fresh kde 4 session and see if that helps cause im running kde 4.1.3 also and don’t have any problems so it isn’t kde4 thats the problem theres some a miss in your kde4

I know that. It seems that the update to kde 4.1.3 broke something.

all that i can say the update went flawlessy on my end

Thank you very much Havoc!! It solved the problem.
I did not read your answer before :slight_smile:

glad i was able to help
hope you enjoy now