dolphin can not access some directories on sftp

Hi. Not long ago I installed thumbleweed before had 13.2. I noticed that in my sftp connections through dolphin, there are directories that seems costing read, it is actually a long time trying to go blank at the end. I’m talking about subdirectories sftp connections, because the connection to the home directory that makes it smoothly.
Now I have 16.04.3-1.1 dolphin’s version but saw the same with 16.04.2-1.2 version.
I have checked these directories with other programs like krusader or muCommander and I have not had this kind of problem
Any idea?

I can’t see an edit option so I reply to me:
I see a lot of bug related with this… Waiting to repair…

First, I don’t understand ( I think ) what you mean in your first post. SFTP connections in Dolphin ( and I use ~40 ) work as expexted. Yup, on one of the servers entering a certain folder is slow, but this folder contains tons of files and subdirectories and it’s an old machine ).

On your second post: We don’t know what you searched on, where you did that, and hence have no clue about which bugs you’re writing. Please, support what you write with links to bug reports etc. That would make the chance to get good support here a lot bigger.

I will try to explain better, you understand me:
I try to connect to my Android Phone via sftp and I connect. Then the problem is that when I want to get into any subdirectory, dolphin is a long time doing something that ends in nothing, since it does not show me any results inside the directory and have to finish the conexión.If I repeat the same thing with other programs, example, krusader, I can see all the subdirectories and files via sftp. I explained now?
Would you like bugs?"dolphin"&value1-0-0=sftp&value1-0-1=sftp&value1-0-2=sftp&value1-0-3=sftp&value1-0-4=sftp&value1-0-5="sftp"