Dolphin can no longer see Network Help Please.

Leap 42.1 with KDE Plasma 5 desktop and trying to use Dolphin. I can see the tab for Network which used to open up what was available on the network by way of shares etc from other machines. Now when I click on network I get a red box with message
Could not start process. Unable to create io-slave. Then more about klauncher error loading … I would have copied and pasted but copy and paste has stopped working in Dolphin too.
Should I try another desktop? If so which is likely to work with LEAP42.1?
I am trying to get work done here working against the clock and all these problems really are too bad.

SOLVED! I had to re-boot in the end and that solved it. A bit like Windoze really.

If an update has the kernel then yes you must reboot. Generally logging out and back in works or just restart the frozen process you can see what needs a restart with zypper ps