dolphin - built-in terminal not working on fresh installation (blank space, possible bug report)

On fresh, full OpenSUSE 42.1 beta 1 installation terminal in Dolphin does not seem to work. There’s just blank space after hitting F4, whereas eg. in Kate it works as expected. Konsole-part is installed so to me it looks like some bug worth reporting. However I’d like to ensure myself that it’s indeed general issue noticeable also on other machines not just my laptop issue.

My installations have installed all packages groups available in installer + VirtualBox + nano, default Environment KDE. Problem appears always, starting from first boot. I’ve tried full format and reinstall twice so it’s most likely not single incident but something possible to be easily reproduced. ISO downloaded about 2 weeks ago. Today installed for the first time.

Blank space looks exactly like one in this thread (except OpenSUSE 42 has KDE5 with Breeze):

But i said konsole-part is installed (and there’s no any other konsole-whatever nor konsolewhatever package in repo)

Dolphin is still KDE4 based, so it needs konsole4-part, which was missing in the Beta1.
It’s in meanwhile (update to the 42.1-Current repo or install the Current ISO to get the latest packages), but then Dolphin will be updated to the KF5 based version (15.08) soon too and will then use the KF5 based konsole-part.