Dolphin Baloo Search Not Working

Hello everyone …
Search Baloo not work in Dolphin, but it works perfectly with Krunner.](
Krunner Baloo Search.](](](
Dolphin Baloo Search Not Working.

¿Can you help me?

You are using the KDE4 based dolphin, maybe this doesn’t work well with the KF5 based Baloo.

You could try to install baloo-file instead of baloo5-file, maybe it works then?
Or be patient, the dolphin 15.08.0 (the KF5 version) should reach the Tumbleweed repos any day.

I tried installing Baloo 4, but Yast asks me uninstalling 5. Many applications depend from Baloo 5.
I’ll have to be patient.

Yes, they cannot be installed side-by-side.

Many applications depend from Baloo 5.

Do they?
The only applications that require libKF5Baloo5 here are Dolphin5 and Gwenview5 (and Plasma5 itself, for the config module, KRunner and the Application Launcher I suppose).
And you can keep the library.

But I’m not sure if Plasma 5’s Baloo seaech will work with the KDE4 indexer…

I’ll have to be patient.

KDE:Applications 15.08.0 has been submitted to Factory 3 weeks ago, but it’s still stuck in staging for some reasons.

If you don’t want to wait, you could add the additional KDE:Applications repo and install dolphin from there.

My solution has been to add the following repository:

  1. Extra:
  2. Applications:

Now everything works perfect. Thank you

You’re welcome.

You might want to remove KDE:Applications again when 15.08.0 hits Tumbleweed though.
KDE:Applications is the development project for Factory/Tumbleweed, you get everything in it via the standard repo anyway (just some time later, after staging/testing).

The situation is similar with KDE:Extra, but this one also contains some additional software that’s not part of the standard distribution.