Dolphin automatically mount NFS share

I have my laptop configured as NFS-client that I can mount the home directory of my main computer for data exchange. I’ve put the options “noauto” and “user” to the fstab. Now when I startup the laptop and the main computer is running, Dolphin automatically mounts this share. How can I stop this behavior? I is annoying since when I forgot to unmount it before shutdown, it will block the computer during shut down for over 90 seconds (“A stop job is running for /NAS…”).

Thanks in advance.

I do not know about the NFS shared folder.
I configure our laptops to use ssh/sftp for users to access their office home documents when out of the office.

Set up an ssh connection from the laptop to the office desktop

copy laptop:~/.ssh/
into office:~/authorized_keys
if necessary use ssh-keygen in Konsole to generate a key pair and use and create an authorized_keys file on the office machine.
Make sure that sshd.service is enabled and that the appropriate TCP/IP port is open.

On the laptop in dolphin right-click on “Places” and select add entry.
One of mine to connect to a remote machine with the network address “ns3” (defined in the laptop’s “/etc/hosts” file, but also on our DNS servers):
Label: ns3-docs
Location: sftp://rayh@ns3:9322/home/sysman/Documents/
(we are using port 9322 for ssh on ns3).

This creates a Dolphin Place called “ns3-docs” that can be left-clicked on to switch the current pane to the remote Documents folder, or right-clicked on to open in a new window or tab. No need for fstab entries and it can work from anywhere wit network access.

My recommendation is to remove the ftsab entry and instead use AutoFS to handle the mounting. The directory will automatically be unmounted if the directory is not accessed for the timeout period specified .

options *soft,noauto,users 0 0 *work here. Note the s in users, check man page and IINM you’ll see why.