dolphin and webdavs authentication - clear credentials?


running openSuse 13.1, owncloud 6.0, kde / dolphin 4.11.5:

I have created an owncloud instance. I can use webdavs protocol to access the share with dolphin.
At some point in the past I selected to remember credentials
Now only that user/pass that I used to connect that webdavs to is stuck only to that user…

… How do I delete those credentials and login as a different user?

I have nothing in kde wallet or kwallet manager.
I have tried to differ urls and add the specific user. (use the “@” notation: webdavs://
but it is still remembering the other user!!!

Any suggestions?


I don’t use OwnCloud,
But based on what I see in the User Manual,

What would happen if you simply removed the Network Place in Dolphin, rebooted (or possibly just logout and back in), then create a new Network Place to OwnCloud with the new credentials?