Dolphin and id3 tags

I am running Opensuse Leap 15.0 with KDE. Dolphin version 17.12.3. Dolphin will display an mp3’s ID3v2.3 tag in the Information panel for a file but not in the main display area of Dolphin. There are columns for Title, Artist, Genre, Album and Bitrate and they are all left blank.Baloo is running, Kid3 and id3lib are installed.

Anyone know how to get Dolphin to display an mp3’s tag information?

Where are the tagged files located?

Currently dolphin doesn’t show metadata in the detail view for files located on an NTFS formatted file system or on removable devices formatted with any file system. ( )

Yes, this is the problem since I keep my music on an NTFS partition. I read through the comments on the bug and I don’t know enough to understand the need for Baloo to index a file in order to read the metadata but I tend to think the file browser should handle such an obvious task. Can anyone recommend a Linux file browser that can handle the ID3 tags in the detail view?


Unfortunately Dolphin doesn’t natively handle metadata, it uses baloo’s metadata extractor.

I don’t know of a file manager that displays the id3 tags in a detailed view, that of course doesn’t mean there isn’t one, hopefully someone else may offer a suggestion.

It obviously doesn’t help you immediately, but I’m tending to think you’ll probably have to wait for that bug to be fixed :frowning:

If you mainly want the tags of files in a directory displayed, EasyTAG should do the job, even for NTFS partitions. It displays multiple columns, and is excellent for single or batch editing of tags. It is not a file manager, so it will not drag and drop files between directories, but it does display tag data.