Dolby Surround stopped working

Hey guys,

About a week or two ago, the dolby surround 5.1/7.1 settings stopped working. I can select it, but the back speakers do not work, the front ones play everything (really weird).
I use HDMI and an amplifier between PC and TV to play the audio.
Does someone else have that problem or knows how to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Wow … complicated setup compared to what I am used to :

PC HDMI > Amplifier HDMI > TV > speakers ??
or "
PC analog > Amplifer HDMI > TV > speakers" ?

or do you do both simultaneous? ie both:

“PC analog > Amplifier > speakers” and at same time “PC HDMI > TV” ?

Did you check ‘pavucontrol’ to see if it yields any hints as to the issue? If not help there, could you also help and run the diagnostic script in an xterm/konsole as a regular user (with PC connected to internet) this command:


Select the upload/share option when prompted. Then let script complete. After it completes look in the xterm/konsole and it will give you a URL/address to share. Please post that URL address here.

This might be useful as well

pacmd list sinks|egrep "profile|out"

It will tell us which configuration profile is currently active, (and which outputs are available). As Lee already mentioned, pavucontrol is the GUI utility to manage your audio. The ‘Configuration’ tab can be used to examine/set the desired profile.

Thank you both guys, as I was just trying to reapply the not working settings, it just began to work again, I don’t know why, I checked two times before opening the thread that it doesn’t work.

Well, I’m sorry, but still really thankful for you trying to help me solve the problem. :slight_smile:
I guess the important part is that the problem is fixed now. :smiley:

Have a nice day!

Oh well, thanks for the update! :slight_smile: