Doesn't start up.

My opensuse 11.3 doesn’t start up. Right after all loads it gaves me the login screen (which it didn’t before), I insert my account password, the display becomes black (there’s mouse loading cursor) and… it comes back to the login screen, again, again, again…

Before it happened I was opening age of empires 2 in wine, the game froze so after a while (I could use other app) I restarted the PC and… and so it is.

Please, help.

My hardware:
250 GB hdd
2 GB ddr 2 ram
intel x4500 graphic card
T4300 cpu

Try the failsafe option - what happens?

It gives me terminal and asks for login/password. After loggin in it stays in the console.

Could you pleae give us the output of

df -h


Maybe our user could try creating a new login?
Via this route:
Boot to Level 3, then Yast and More…

Whilst you are there do this:
Clear Temp Files at Boot