Does the Sony-Ericsson W902 mobile phone work?

I am considering purchasing a Sony-Ericsson W902 mobile phone, but I would need at least some basic support under OpenSuse.
Does anyone have experience using that phone with OpenSuse or is anything known about how well it is supported?

The minimum would be that the phone memory and memory card each can be mounted and used reliably from the computer to transfer mp3s, videos, images etc. back and forth between phone and computer.
The ability to synchronise contacts would be a large plus and the ability to use the phone to access the internet an even larger plus.

Of course I sent an inquiry to Sony-Ericsson about this but they did not even bother to respond. >:(

transferring files from phone to pc & vice versa works with bluetooth or usb connector,dunno about sync’ing contacts etc,as my son doesn’t use it (it’s my son’s phone )


Generally speaking, phone manufacturers are extremely windows-centric. So you should forget about synchronizing contacts in linux and any such exotic stuff. As to copying data between your phone and your computer, mounting the phone as an external drive via USB shouldn’t be a problem with any decent phone. Now, tethering your phone (using it as a modem) is largely a DIY task which largely depends on whether you find any pertinent instructions on the Net. Fortunately, there’s always some Linux guru somewhere who does it for us; so you should google for it (maybe even before actually placing your order… :wink: