Does the nvidia driver work with kernel 3.7?

My system is 11.3 m2 using kde. I see that the factory repo now includes 3.7.0-1.1 and have downloaded the necesary rpm’s and installed these. When I try to re-install the nvidia driver version 310.19 - using the sh method - I make no progress. Is another step / stage required for this kernel?

So I am not seeing what kind of video hardware you have and if an older version of the nVIDIA driver is working for you. openSUSE is up to 12.2 with version 12.3 up to M2 meaning not much work is being put forth on openSUSE 11.3 these days. So to answer your question directly, the nVIDIA driver 310.19 does load against the kernel version of 3.7.0 and 3.7.1, but both being installed with openSUSE 12.2 and using a custom compiled kernel, not loaded from a repository. I can provide links for these (driver and kernel) but your video hardware is what makes any difference. That is older video hardware may not work with the latest video driver and very new tech like the Laptop video setup called Optimus requires Bumblebee support. You can visit the nVIDIA web site, input your hardware and see what driver version is required in Linux. Before you do anything you may want to upgrade openSUSE, but I don’t know that this is the problem for your present issue.

Download the latest openSUSE version: Download openSUSE 12.2

To get the latest nVIDIA video driver: World Leader in Visual Computing Technologies | NVIDIA

Info on installing the nVIDIA driver:

A Bash script useful in installing the video driver:

Where you can get the latest Kernel version: The Linux Kernel Archives

A Bash Script to install this kernel:

Please tell s more of your video and computer and do more reading before you take any other action.

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Thanks very much for your post.

My graphic card is GeForce 9400 GT. Typically I just do a console login as root / cd to the driver folder / then sh I have kernel source, syms, gcc and make installed. But when I do this the install gets confused and thinks that I am running kernel 2.6 or 2.4 then fails.

So if you open up a terminal session and type this command, it will tell us of your kernel version:

uname -r

It is possible the latest nVIDIA driver will not load on openSUSE 11.3, but I do wonder if you have everything loaded that is required? I know that the following procedure should allow the driver to load:

Open YaST / Software / Software Management - Select the View Button on the top left and pick Patterns. Now, you will see several Patterns listed and you want to select:


[X] Base Development
[X] Linux Kernel Development
[X] C/C++ Development

Then Press the Accept button on the bottom right and allow these applications to install.

The nVIDIA 9400 Video Chipset is listed as working with driver 310.19 so I suggest you follow the above install and have a look at the other links I have posted.

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thanks very much i will give it another try

Shouldn’t the bold part be “12.3 m2”? I could never see the logic in running 11.3 m2 with a factory kernel.

On the NVIDIA driver:
have the latest beta’s. BTW DKMS is now supported by the NVIDIA blobs

yes sorry - 12.3 M2

i will try the driver 313.09

many thanks

This covers the patch needed:

Re: [opensuse-factory] kernel-devel 3.7.1-16.1 sources are in different

i have the same problem. I’m using 12.2 32bit on a laptop with a nvidia 6100 integrated graphic card. After updated the kernel from default 3.4 to 3.7, the nv driver won’t be re-installed. The error log says a version.h file can’t be found. Then I tried copy the file or compile the kernel by running make\make install and such cmds in /usr/src/linux, so the installer no longer report the lack of version.h, but changed to a mismatch of my kernel version and source code.
btw, when i updated to kernel 3.7, i also updated kernel-devel kernel-source to 3.7 too, so i think the mismatch was a bug.

With the newer kernels you need to consider going without the proprietary nVIDIA video driver. The nVIDIA driver 310.19 does work with 3.7.1 & 3.7.2, but if your card is too old, you may be SOL. So, consider going with the open source nouveau driver which is working very well for me. Now reverting back to the open source driver from nv can sometimes be a problem to undo everything, but even if you have to reload, it is worth the trouble to start over and go open source.

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A fix for this problem is described in You may need to adapt kernel version dependent directory for the link however

with the solution

it should have been: cd /lib/modules/3.7.1-16-desktop/build/include/
( a ‘ls’ should show no file or directory named linux and two directories
called generated and config and a ‘ls generated/uapi/linux’ should show
version.h )
ln -s generated/uapi/linux
After that a ‘ls linux’ should show version.h

I can install the nvidia driver 313.09 on kernel 3.7 and 3.8

thanks for the solution