Does the LEAP DVD ISO contain "make"?

Hi guys:

When I upgraded from opensuse 12.3 to opensuse 13.2, it was from an install DVD, and was a “bare-metal” install due to a hard-drive failure. When the installation was “complete”, I could not access my network and the internet due to the kernel of the newly-installed version of opensuse only supporting v8169 of my on-MB Realtek NIC, which requires v8168.

Since the 13.2 install DVD did not include the “make” program, I could not install the previously-saved copy of the Realtek v8168 driver and definitely could not access the internet, even for advice, much less software installation. Even if I had somehow saved “make” somewhere, I don’t see how I could have installed it without it.

I did eventually get connected again, but remember thinking at the time that there must be a easier way.

Since opensuse 13.2 is close to end-of-life, I have questions:

  1. Does the install DVD iso for “Leap 42.2” contain the “Make” program?

  2. If I install from the “Network” link ( ), would I be in the same position (with no “make” program) as from the DVD?

  3. My “home” directory and all my data disks are formatted EXT4, and “Leap” wants me to use BTRFS. Will I be able to continue using EXT4 on the same disks as are in use now?

The last time I checked, which was several months ago, I saw comments about BTRFS not being completely trustworthy yet; have all the bugs been worked out? I don’t have files that require multiple disks per file, etc., so don’t really see the need here for BTRFS. I’ll appreciate comments regarding this from anyone here…

From a cursory perusal of the opensuse install forum, I have doubts that LEAP42 is really ready for “prime time”.

Yes, “make” is there. Install the base development pattern, and that will give you “make” and various other tools (including a compiler).

The network installer will have the same pattern. It installs from the online repos instead of from the iso.

Yes, you can use “ext4”. I used that. After being offered an install proposal, look at the options. They should allow you to change the file system to be used.

And, yes, 42.2 is ready for prime time. What you are seeing in the forums, is a few people with unusual issues. Most folk are not having problems, as far as I can tell.


I think you could check the forums again. I have seen some issues in some special cases, but I also have seen an overwhelming number of posts with testimonials to version 42.2 … from which I have gained the sense that openSUSE LEAP 42.2 is the most rock-solid release in some time!

As for your questions: I agree completely with Neil’s answers.

… oh, yes.

Also, although there are some problems in special cases, 42.2 wins in this category, too:

There has been astonishingly less threads from people seeking help since the release of 42.2 than I have seen going back a few years across several versions of openSUSE. And some of those versions were quite solid.

Thank you, Neil and Gerry … I really needed that positive message after what I went through with the 13.2 install. I’ll go through with the new version install now…