Does the btrfs balancing job generate logs?

Hi. Per this topic i setup btrfs-balance in*** /etc/cron.weekly*** in both my Tower & Lappy [both run TW, & i [i]zypper dup each, weekly at longest, sometimes more often]. Since the period of that other topic, root free-space for both PCs has remained well under control, & occasional inspections of Snapper via YaST show appropriate snapshots [ie, not excessive numbers as occurred before that other topic, including doing “Malcolm’s edit” to [b]/etc/snapper/configs/root]. All this implies that all is good, & that the weekly cron-job is correctly doing the btrfs balancing.

I’m interested however in being able to specifically know when these cron-jobs ran, & the balancing job thus actually occurred, each week. I have looked in KSystemLog, & also directly in /var/log, but can’t find any entries for this job. Does the btrfs balancing job not generate logs, or am i looking in the wrong place, pls?

perhaps there is a better answer, but if you simply want to find when a balance occurred (and relocated blocks) you can grep the journal for ‘relocating’

Hi & thank you!

That’s a very esoteric method, of which obviously i’d never have thought, but it seems to do the job nicely:

I assume that if i were to go back & check my notes i’d likely find that it just happened to be slightly after 10pm on a Saturday night when i configured this. Woohoo, that must have been Party Night lol!

Rats, once again i forgot to make that image permanent, so it vanished after a week. Here it is again: