Does php5 from Yast come with openssl enabled? If not, how?

I have been scratching my head and searching google for the answer to this question for the last few days.

If I install php, php mod for apache, php-openssl mod, and openssl through YaST, can I enable openssl in php? Or do I have to go back and recompile php myself. Lots of websites are saying I need to recompile myself and to use a ./configure string. I am starting to learn php development, and also a relative newb in linux.

How do I get php to have ssl support in Opensuse 11.1? The reason I need this is, I am using the PEAR mail extension from php to send mail via an smtp server. I have all the settings and code right, but the php script fails and asks me if if “forgot to enable ssl when compiling”. Did Novell forget to enable it when compiling? Because, I sure as h*** did not compile anything.

I will be happy one day when error messages are no longer teasing and taunting “did you forget” messages that have no relation to the user’s state of affairs.

But I digress. Could someone sane here please help me get SSL working in my PHP install?



Did you take a look at Apache Howto SSL - openSUSE ?

Well - What do you know - I tried to run my script again to see and copy the error message - it said php did not have ssl enabled, not apache - and voila it is happy and it works.

The premise of the original question was wrong anyway. PHP5 doesn’t implement SSL, it’s Apache that does. But you have to set it up in Apache before use.


I am confused. If I have a php script that needs to go out and connect to an SSL server somewhere, why should Apache implement SSL? I did not have Apache implementing SSL until tonight, But earlier today evening, I got PHP to work with SSL.

I am talking SSL client here, not server.

Ok, fair enough I thought you were talking about PHP scripts on an SSL Apache site. I didn’t notice that you were trying to contact a SMTPS server, which isn’t an Apache server. But as you saw, there is a php5-openssl package in the repos so it is supported.