Does OpenSuse support secure boot?

İ need answer about this question. Does OpenSuse support secure boot? Does it work properly? Should i enable it?

Yes it does…

mokutil --sb-state

SecureBoot [enabled or disabled]


Does it work properly?

It works very well here.

Should i enable it?

Only you can answer that question.

I have it enabled here on both UEFI boxes. But I sometimes disable it on one box, because I also have Solus installed there, and it does not support secure-boot.

TY for quick replies. İ only use OpenSuse.

That is fine. Maybe you can then try to spell it like it is on all the web-pages of the product: openSUSE.rotfl!

Sry. OpenSUSE.

Nope. It’s a small “o”. openSUSE.

im so sry. openSUSE.