Does Opensuse have this?

I was reading this article: – Hand of Thief trojan and your favorite Linux distribution

Does Opensuse have this? Can it be enabled, if so how?

AFAIK no. Looking at /proc/sys/kernel I don’t find anything. From the link and a couple of other things I’ve read it seems like a good thing to have enabled.

Found this:

GIT BrowseI’ll add the “security=yama” option and see what happens.

However, on Ubuntu 12.04, HoT failed to work. The reason? The researcher found that:
…a protection]( mechanism named ptrace scope was enabled by default. This protection prevents a process from attaching to a different process even when the user-ID matches (unlike the default Linux behavior). The protection effectively blocked the Trojan from interfering with other processes which rendered the Hand of Thief form-grabber and URL-blocker useless.

Thats very interesting since there is quite a rivalry between Fedora and Ubuntu.
Rh is the industry standard in the USA mainly cause they are listed on NYSE.

No use, nothing happens.