Does openSUSE have shortcuts?

I have now gotten openSUSE (LEAP 42.2) installed, and my favorite application installed. Unfortunately there seems to be no way for my application to read files on another drive. This would be solved by putting a shortcut for the remote drive on the LEAP 42.2 desktop.

Do shortcuts exist in LEAP 42.2?

Which desktop environment are you using? Remote file system (NFS, samba)?


I doubt I have anything like NFS or Samba installed yet. I’ve been using FILES to read the other drives on my machine.

Debian has a version of a ‘shortcut’ they call a LINK. Does LEAP 42.2 have something like that?

Use bookmarks, in the Nautilus window the far right icon (the one with the horizontal lines), it will then save on the left hand window (you can rename as required). Or right-click on the mountpoint and select ‘Add Bookmark’.

What method are you using to connect to the remote system, ssh? Or is the another partition on the local system?

If you go into system settings, tweak tool and in the Desktop section, flick the slider to show desktop icons to on.

Ok, so local files. I’m not a Gnome user (so others can correct or add to this), but if I understand you correctly, you’d like to be able to have icons (including links to various directories on the desktop). I think ‘gnome-tweak-tool’ can help with this

go on Desktop tab and switch to ON the icons on desktop setting.

After all, you’ll have all the icons you want on your desktop.

Ah, thanks for confirming Malcolm.

Cross-posting is such fun, eh?:wink:

Such is the nature of the forums.

I bookmarked the desired drive, and of course I can’t access it from the OPEN function in my program.
Do you have any more ideas?
Is there a way to suggest a LINK function for openSUSE?

So it’s a local drive or partition, you can always mount at boot, or do you only want to access on the fly?

If the partition is mounted, then you can right-click on the desktop, select open Terminal and create a soft-link eg I have a folder on a separate partition (data) and a folder called repositories, to add a link then in the terminal;

cd Desktop
ln -s /data/repositories Repositories

I now have a softlink on the desktop called Repositories

THANK YOU!!! It worked perfectly on the first try!