Does OpenSuse 13.1 have OpenSSL support built-in? Can it be enabled during a build? Etc.?

Sorry if this is a newb question, I’m not really a server guy just a lowly programmer but our server guy quit so now I kind of have to take over a bit of his stuff.

Anyhow, while running some new PHP code I got the following error message:

**The OpenSSL extension is required but not currently enabled. For more information, see

**I’ve tried to look up what the solution to this would be but I’m getting a bunch of conflicting messages from “you should already have it you just need to enable it” (nothing posted worked though) to “here is a long and complicated process for downloading and installing it” (also couldn’t get it to work.)

This is a test server that I can rebuild whenever I want to, so if there is a way to set things up nicely for OpenSSL during installation, I’d prefer that as opposed to having to modify our current installation. I actually need to get a documented stable build set up so I’ll be rebuilding it a few times over the next few weeks anyway…

To answer the basic question yes OpenSSL is fully supported. I think it is normally in the default install

In openSUSE you will find a neat tool called yast. You should be able to enable the OpenSSL from there. It definitely should not be a long drawn out complicated thing

You probably want to install php5-openssl packet.