Does openSUSE 11.4 support resolution 1366x768?

Hi guys

I have had a lot of problems with my screen resolution 1366x768. So I am wondering does openSUSE 11.4 support resolution 1366x768?

Thanks in advance.

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Sure does. I have two laptops running at 1366x768 One an AMD chip, the other Nvidia.

Yes, that is the standard resolution on my ThinkPad notebook on 11.2/11.3/11.4.

What is your hardware make/model?

My hardware: graphic card nvidia 7025 and monitor philips 192el.
I was using other Linux distro. Recently I bought this monitor with native resolution 1366x768 and I have had problems to get mentioned resolution. When I finally have got desired resolution my screen was become better but not better enough (as my previous monitor with resolution 1440x900).

Thanks guys for quickly reply.

Currently I am downloading openSUSE… :slight_smile: