Does openSUSE 11.0 need a re-asterd version? Let us know!?

Hi All,

First off: this is no flame to openSUSE and meant as serious consideration!


With openSUSE 11.0 having been released for almost a week, I am curios to know what your thoughts and experiences are so far.

All in all openSUSE 11.0 brings many vast improvements, is more polished and performs better overall.

The drawback here is that with all the changes done and the set date to release on the 19th, I feel it’s a valid and good idea to release a re-mastered version of 11.0 (like was done with 10.1 due to Zen issues).
I know this is normally not the policy, but exceptions are there to make. :wink:

There are some reasons to validate this:
-Issues with reizerfs
-Issues with beagle
-Possibility to include KDE 4.1
-Possibility to include final of FF
-many smaller annoyance bugs should be fixed

Seeing openSUSE 11.0 is a much anticipated release it seems a missed option not to do this and have a re-mastered version come out.

As a suggestion the 1st of August might be a good point to re-release.
The idea is that it would give (new comers) a better experience & having to wait for 11.1 is a long stretch…

Curious to what you think!


fine I agree then, its a good idea :slight_smile:

In my opinion, KDE 4.0 doesn’t deserve the live CD. It is too unstable and there are already many comments of users with the same problems (knotify crashing, flash and konqueror not working, knetworkmanager too instable).
On another side, I agree with the positive comments on the installation procedure, speed and improvements.
So, I agree with a remastered version, maybe including KDE 4.1

Getting 10.1 to update after an install (so as to fix the updating!) was a problem for many users. It is unreasonable to expect users to jump through 10.1 type hoops.

If 11.0 goes onto most machines and updates readily this surely would obviate a re-master. I don’t see this type of problem reported here and I think most of the bugs so far are or will be fixable with updates.

Remember, 11.0 is good at updates (just as well he says).

SUSE 11 works here perfectly, I don’t see a need to remaster it. It just wastes everyone’s time.

Hi. I’m an old Suse user ,since the times of the 7.3, and i’m very disappointed with this version. It confirms the old tale telling not to use a *.0 version. What worked perfectly with 10.1, 2 and 3 now simply doesn’t. Sax lets me enable 3d but upon exiting it resets to noaccel and when i fixed this working directly on Xorg.conf i also discovered that compiz does not work fine. Network manager or kinternet refuse to connect my wifi card so i have to use command line and iwconfig. So what to say? To me it sucks. Even in the case of a remastered edition i will not give it a chance. Simply i will continue with 10.3 and wait the next release, hoping in a better work. I don’t want to stop using a Suse distro but i think that more beta testing would be appreciated.

I must say, I updated to KDE4.1 beta and it works so much better on my laptop (HP dv6645) than KE4.0 ever did.

Also I have none of my laptop shortcut keys working in 11.

I tried to join in reporting the key issue as a bug, but was put off by the rude and dismissive attitude of one of the “developers”.

I would be happy to help debugging problems, but if I’m going to get bad attitude when I report a bug, then I’m not going to do it.

The “bad attitude” wasn’t aimed at me, but after seeing that, I’m not going to put myself out there to be offended.

I’m just an everyday user, not a programmer or über-geek, and if I’m asked to “post the error log”, sometimes I don’t know where to look, and need to ask.

Just my 2 cents worth :).

Thanks for the feedback so far… Result seems to vary so it’s interesting to see you others are experiencing it and get some feel of it.

The pool will be running for 14 days so curious to see…

I’d like to know if boxed version will get the latest bug fixes and patches by the time someone would buy it?

the boxed version will get the same patches as the free version.

I hope this does happen there r some really weird problems with gnome’s pulseaudio and this one is critical for example in gnome using yast breaks pulseaudio so u don’t get sound and here is the report:

then there r others in kde 4 like webcam never displays images in kde 4 apps and stuff and just random bugs apart from the fact that kde 4.1 is coming out

Directly on the dvd?

  1. I have never had good luck with reiserfs. I’m using XFS now when I need speed.

  2. Beagle has always been a dog. :wink: I turn it off/uninstall it.

  3. KDE 4.1 will be available from the repositories.

  4. Firefox 3 will be available for download through the opensuse-updater program in your system tray.

I don’t think they need a remaster, considering they have a 6-9 month release cycle and most of the KDE issues will be cleaned up by then. However, you’re more than welcome to remaster your own version with KIWI.

KIWI Image System

Valid points andrewd18… the remastered is not for me personally but for all those folks new (to openSUSE) wanting to check things out. My point here is that it’s allot nicer if they don’t have to go through this if it can be avoided. Make the ride as pleasant as possible.

There will always be things to do when setting up, but there are some rough edges that might put more people off that would otherwise not have to be an issue…

I’m neutral, 4.1’s coming in December, so what’s the point, though I wouldn’t mind.

(papref fix, make all users part of pulse-access group)

Looking at the release schedule KDE 4.1 will be out next month : Schedules/KDE4/4.1 Release Schedule - KDE TechBase

1.15 July 29th, 2008: Release KDE 4.1

I think you are thinking of the presumed release date for openSUSE 11.1?

I just had another look at KIWI… looks very interesting.

openSUSE has it’s own build service for it : Build Service/KIWI - openSUSE
Might dive into it :wink:

As the poll has run some time now I’m surprised not more have voted or added comments to it. It seems there is a small group in favor but it’s not seen as hot issue.

Glad to see most are having a smooth transition to openSUSE 11.0, as it does have it’s issues but is overall getting a warm welcome. :wink:

For those here thanks for adding your comments and suggestions… !


I voted no, but KDE3 live CD would have been in place.

Not really necessary. Though there are so many differing results with kde4.0.4 and 4.1beta

For me 4.0.4 is really rock steady
4.1 no go at all

I will try 4.1 when it’s stable

Otherwise all is just great with 11, for me at least.