Does not turn off after hibernating.

Hi folks

I got a little tiny problem here with hibernating in SUSE11.1.

When I hibernate the PC, everything gets done correctly except the very last step; turning off. So, I have to keep the power button pressed for a few seconds. When I turn on the PC afterwards, it doesn’t give me the startup menu, but loads the previous session without any problem.

Would you please help me with this problem, so I wouldn’t be required to press the power button every time after hibernating?


Can you give some more information about what system you have? Computer model if it’s a ready made machine and motherboard, soundcard, video, etc if it’s a home build one.

Hibernation heavilly depends on what type of hardware you use. It may require some customisation and you may find it will not work fully no matter what we try.

It’s a HP Pavilion a1730n.You can find the specifications here
I just increased the RAM to 4Gb.

Sorry, I’m going to bow out since I can’t even get hibernation working on my own pc :slight_smile:

This openSUSE Pm-utils Guide may be helpful. Have a good read. Sometimes it is necessary to add a customised script to deal with your hardware during hibernation/thawing. These get placed in the /etc/pm/sleep.d directory.

In your case it may be necessary to add a hook to force shutdown. They get executed alphabetically, so obviously you’ll want to name it so it gets executed last.

I have more experience with suspending than hibernation, but from memory /var/log/pm-hibernate.log may reveal clues about what is going wrong.

Good luck.