Does not start viber opensuse tumbleweed flatpak

Hello all,
Does not start viber opensuse tumbleweed flatpak.
If anyone has had similar problems, and if anyone could provide a possible solution, that would be wonderful. Thank you!

Any output when you start it from a terminal?

how to launch via the terminal

The way how it is described at the download page maybe?

flatpak run com.viber.Viber

again, I started flatpack run com.viber.Viber, and it started
I didn’t understanded what the reason was ?

it stopped working again, does anyone know how to solve the problem

Was the susepaste from a working or not working Viber? Nobody can help you if you do only provide insufficient informations…

I installed via discover flathub

It seems it is not the flat pack, but viber itself.
The default keyboard is English, i launch Viber did not start. when switched to Russian, Viber started and started working, it turns out the reason is in the English keyboard. Strangely.