does leap support desktop files?

I used .desktop files with my Ubuntu 18.04, but 20.04 does not, leastways not beyond the Desktop. Does Leap support them?

Can you clarify which desktop environment you’re using and what are you trying to achieve?

Ubuntu uses GNOME 3.36. The .desktop files are used to launch applications from the Desktop and its folders. It is a specification.

Sigh! Yes, we know that. And Leap also uses .desktop files.

The question is whether it uses them in the way that you want. And until you tell us what you are wanting to do, we cannot answer that.

Sorry about that, I misunderstood. Thanks for your patience.
In 18.4, Ubuntu allowed desktop file on the Desktop and in its folders. In 20.4, they only work on the Desktop. In Leap, do they work in Desktop folders?

How about the Gnome Extension, Desktop Icons NG? Does that handle what you’re looking for?

Rather, I should have said, the Extension, Desktop Icons.