Does Leap 15.1 contain the optimal drivers for my Radeon RX580?

Hi all,

My Desktop-System contains a Radeon RX580 and a monitor which supports AMD Freesync. Kernel 5.0 brought improvements here, I’ve read. Is all of this backported to Leap 15.1, or should I stay on Tumbleweed? Leap seems to be a bit faster, when I look at some benchmarks from phoronix.
Where could I look up such information?

Thanks all in advance!

  1. AFAICS, no, it’s not documented.
  2. I raised a Bug Report against the Release Notes around this issue –

Within the discussion within that Bug Report, it became clear that, the SUSE employees who are responsible for the openSUSE Leap Kernel (which is also the SLE Kernel … ) are introducing backports “as needed” to the “4.12” Leap 15.x Kernels – the support for the newer AMD GPUs is being included in those backports …

There’s possibly a mailing-list which is tracking the AMD support to the Leap 15.x Kernels but, I do not know which one it is …

Thank you very much! Is this a public bug? Could you share a link? I could not find it…

Bug #1127904: “AMD Ryzen CPUs - Kernel version”.

Thanks you :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I’ll stick to Tumbleweed