Does KDE on Tumbleweed notify if updates require a reboot?

On my device running Leap 15.4 KDE, when using the “Software Updates” tool on the toolbar to install updates, updates installed with the tool requiring a reboot create a notification to restart the computer. On another system that I have running Tumbleweed KDE, there has never been a similar notification prompting a reboot. Is there supposed to be one, and I have a system bug, or is there no similar functionality on Tumbleweed?

Thank you!

None that I see … but then again, the preferred method of applying updates on TW (which is how I do it), is to use -zypper dup- at a command line window.


In TW you should only use zypper dup for updates.

You need reboots for kernel changes and things like NVIDIA changes. Most changes do not require a reboot but a log off log on is recommended to restart things

“Need reboot” is a flag in patch metadata. Tumbleweed does not use patches, so you will not see this notification. I believe, there is similar flag on package level, but it is not widely used if at all. Finally it is possible to define a static list of packages requiring reboot in /etc/zypp/needreboot(.d)

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This is exactly the answer I was looking for. Thank you so much!


If you’re OK with using a CLI, there’s a magic Zypper command:

 > LANG=C zypper needs-rebooting
No core libraries or services have been updated since the last system boot.
Reboot is probably not necessary.
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