does KDE extra stop to support leap 15.1?

Hi, on my leap 15.1 using KDE plasma during an update I received this error message:

An error occurred during repository initialization. [|] Valid metadata not found at specified URL History: - [|] Repository type can't be determined. 

I navigate to here
and leap 15.1 there wasn’t.
how can I update my KDE extra software?

Leap 15.1 is EoL… time to upgrade.

That is of course not KDE Plasma. It is Leap 15.1 repos that aren’t available more and more because maintainers see no joy in supporting repos for a non-supported openSUSE version. And I assume they now put full effort in maintaining KDE:Extra for 15.2.

sad to say but leap 15.2 is worse than 15.1 where I haven’t cursor flickering and other annoyance bugs:|
so, the best way to continue to use leap 15.1 is to uninstall extra repo?

ALL Leap 15.1 repos will stop to exist (when they didn’t already).

Repeat: Leap 15.1 is end of support. Some will even say end of life, but you can keep it alive if you wish, but without any updates mostly without possibility to install further software. You can freeze it. A frozen system will be very stable, but vulnerable to new security threads and have no ability to add to it’s functionality (else it would not be called “frozen”).

Upgrade and report bugs…, don’t use on the internet etc…