Does ext3 stay ext 3 in an ext4 PC?

Okay, I know that’s not very clear so here’s my full question:
I’m testing M6 on a sandbox PC, 11.2 is/will be ext4 as we all know.
Now I have a USB memory stick which I formatted to ext3 I’ve placed data on it.
When I copy the data from that USB memory stick(ext3) to a PC using ext4 will the copied data on the 11.2 PC be ext4?
Sorry for sounding so dumb but I’ve not experienced a FS change like this before. The last time I did this(ext2 to ext3) I had backup data on a DVD so data transfer wasn’t an issue.

I think I understand you. The data will just get copied to an ext4 file system - no actual conversion takes place. (The contents remains the same). Just the same as if you copied a file from ntfs volume to an ext3 volume.

Thanks, you understood my question very well & answered it too.
So while I knew the actual data would stay the same, it was how it’d get into the M6 machine that I wasn’t sure about.
The part that threw me was the that we have these USB sticks now & I wasn’t sure if these things did differently from their predecessors.