does compiz work in opensuse 12.3?

Hi, I’m considering switching to opsuse from Ubuntu but need to use compiz for its window management n organization.

Anything past compiz 0.8.8 is unusable in my opinion. I’ve tried arch n debian n a few other distros but they either no longer have compiz in their repo’s or use the unstable 0.9.x compiz

I heard opensuse still has compiz 0.8.8 availible for easy install without having to do too much work.

Is this true? Can anyone confirm that I can install 12.3 and put XFCE or Mate as the DE and easily run the old compiz on it?


It is true that compiz-0.8.8 is included in the standard repositories, but I have no idea about its current state (it should work I guess).

XFCE is also in the standard repos, MATE is available but you would have to add an additional repo.

My 2 cents: don’t stick to “old versions”. The day will come that upgrading/changing is required to keep your system up to date, you’ll end up with having to compile/hack compiz yourself. Rather investigate how you can achieve the things compiz brings without compiz.

Compiz doesn’t work by default with Mate. There is an unofficial fork for mate but we ( openSUSE Mate team ) won’t to include it in our repositories.
Maybe modifications needed to get Compiz work with Mate will be purpose to Compiz but for instance if you wan’t to get it work you have to compile it yourselves.
Please look at • View topic - Forks: Compiz-MATE 0.8.8, mate-globalmenu 0.7.10 (LMDE)