Does anyone know where remotehosts.cfg is in nagios on opensuse 12.3?

I just reset all the root passwords and nagios password.

The Nagios Server is fully functional and is monitoring my network.

I am new to nagios however and have no idea how to add remove hosts.

I am guessing I have to vi remotehosts.cfg, however I have no idea where remotehosts.cfg is.

correct me if I am wrong. these are the files I have in my /etc/nagios directory “cgi.cfg htpasswd.users nagios.cfg nagios.cfg_2014-01-04-12:01 objects resource.cfg”

I do not see remotehosts.cfg here.

My server is fully functioning. it is showing all the currently working hosts in the webconsole green up that are up. and red that are down.

I need to know how to add new hosts and remove old hosts.

Welcome to the world of Nagios.

And a bit of advice. Basic Nagios can be a nightmare. There is little guidance what goes in what config file and if you’re doing this more less on your own you will likely create an original system that won’t comply with “best practices” … So, for example you’re asking about hosts, but did you know about Hostgroups? Do you know how to create profiles?

My strong recommendation is to instead deploy any of a number of really great products built on Nagios or close alternatives to Nagios. Usually a web interface, you’ll build a much better monitoring system.

A few (by no means complete and as of today) suggestions, except for the last mostly if not completely free

NagiosXI - By the core maintainers of Nagios, free for something like less than 20 monitored nodes
Zabbix - Completely re-built, but at the User Level similar architecture (plus more)