Does anyone know what repository has e4defrag?

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Being that repositories are trusted sources of software and I am rather new
to Linux security, I have to wonder if anyone has found e4defrag in a
repository. I am trying to plan ahead and migrate to Linux. I must thank
the community for all of its help. Hopefully my post will become a search
result for some other user in need.

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defrag is required on most all M$ file systems…

but not required on ext2, 3 or (i guess) 4 unless you are running an
almost full partition with no open spots for large files…in that
case the solution is not to defrag but provide more space…

i’ve run linux for almost 10 years and never had the need for a
defrag, or registry cleaner, or anti-maleware cpu hog…

those are a common question by new folks (wanting to jump off
Redmond’s sinking ship)…

google or use the forum’s advanced search and read more about defrag,


As far as I can tell from a search just now, development is slow, e.g. see this post from May:

ext4: online defrag (ver 2.0) []

and another from July:

Re: Status of ext4 online defrag?

A few months back I tried building a version for Ubuntu but it didn’t work at all on my test system.

It’s a live filesystem (online) defragger which makes it even more important that nothing goes wrong. I wouldn’t risk using a program still in development for a improvement which you will not notice unless you have large files and tend to fill up the disk.

It would be a nice handy tool to be able to defrag a MsWin partition/drive from Linux, so it could be done “offline”, and therefore much quicker, and the user would not have to be working in MSWin for the possibly loooong time the defrag usually takes if doing it “online”, ie from within the MsWin install which needs defragging.
A thought occurs whilst typing…
Would it be possible to:

  1. Make the fraggy drive available as a network shared drive to an MSWin vBOX machine;
  2. Run a defrag (I can heartily recommend O&O software, btw) from the vBOX to work on the network shared NTFS Drive, thus doing it “offline” and quickly
    whilst having one’s ordinary linux available during the process?

I’m not sure a defragger would work on a network drive. In fact I’m fairly sure it wouldn’t. A network drive would not expose the raw disk data that the defragger works on. E.g. a Samba share could be served from a Linux filesystem, but obviously the underlying Linux filesystem cannot be defragged from a Windows defragger.

TY Ken, t’was just a random thought…

Under windows it might be quicker to just copy the whole filesystem to another ntfs partition, delete the originals, then copying it all back! That way you also end up with a backup. You could also do that under Linux I expect (if you feel you have to).

I’ve been using vista recently to play some games that won’t run under emulation, and was shocked at how long a defrag takes. I’d forgotten!

WOW, look at all that FUD I did not need to read. Seriously, I am running Linux, the eebil Microsoft is not going to steal my soul or some other nonsense. The WHAM Burglar was right after all, and here I doubted his [TM] repository. Lets see:


Seriously, I posted on this forum because I had searched via Google and this forum previous to posting this. Am I to assume that e4defrag is not in any repository? If so I will be trying ok_defrag. I am operating under the impression that I missed a third party repository.

> WOW, look at all that FUD I did not need to read.

sorry i tried to help you, it won’t happen again…