Does anyone know KDE4 and Gnome3 desktop effects roadmap

I have tried to find out the plans for development of the desktop effects in next releases of KDE4 and Gnome3 as I would like to know if they are planing to include desktop effects as ones I liked with compiz - animation for windows - vacuum, curl fold, burn, dodge and others. I’ve been not lucky so far to find information about the intention in development of bigger choice in personalizing the desktop effect for both.
Thanks for any information in advance.

AFAIK compiz would have to be completely rewritten to work with GNOME3. Maybe you have to be patient for a while; when KDE4 came out there were no desktop effects like we see now, so who knows what GNOME3 may look like in a (couple of) year(s).

In KDE the compositing is done by kwin, maybe you can find more about it in the docs on or the kde mailinglists.

Thanks, I will wait and check in mail list of kde, the information in doc is in general not detailed. The important thing is the effects to be developed. Seven people friends of mine become linux users because the effective desktop effects:)