Dodgy Hard Drive - either repair or provide a lightweight damage summary


I recently bought a hard drive off ebay for a free laptop i got (the previous owner tends to destroy her hard drives rather than even zeroing them), but installing ubuntu or opensuse (12.2, ext4) wouldn’t even boot to a login screen.

When i reinstalled opensuse using BTRFS it’s perfectly fineso it must be more tolerant of dodgy hardware. ideally i’d like to just somehow blacklist whichever bad sectors there are and leave it at that - the ebay seller isn’t very good at this kinda thing, apparently she ‘tested it’ which probably means installing windows and seeing a boot screen. she doesn’t seem to know what a bad sector is, i only need the laptop for light web browsing and some SSHing downstairs so it’s nothing too important and doesn’t need a lot of space.

When i try to run btrfsck --repair though it does things in what seems like segments; it’ll find a few errors etc then exit out and i have to run it again. each stdout is given in the format number1.largenumber2 <message> and number1 is always higher than the previous iteration, so i’m not sure if it’s finding the same errors again or finding new later ones

is there a way of just letting btrfsck keep going til it actually finishes?

I’d rather not have to open any kind of dispute but at the same time i there was some test i could run that ended in something simple like “there are x bad blocks out of x” then that’d be good to0 so i could at least give her a very concise easy to understand reason why a windows boot screen != good tested hard drive, i tried running badblocks and literally 4 days later with number1 in like 7+ digits it was still going :confused:

Bad sectors = bad drive.

Run smartctl

Haven’t used that command before, looks interesting. I’ll give it a go, thanks!