Documents open from WindowsXP and OpenSuse11.0

I would like the possibility to open and adjust documents from Windows XP and OpenSuse 11. I have a multi-boot system. Now, from Suse, I can open them from XP, but then I can not adjust the documents in Suse and put them back in that Windows place. I would like to do that. Who has the solution for me? Thank you for your help.

start yast and search for ntfs-config

You need write-permission on the Windows-XP drive to modify your documents. First, find out what is the name of your windows drive under openSuSE. After read this post:
View windows ntfs partition filesystem. - openSUSE Forums and add the missing parameters.
Good luck.

Implicit in the advice above is that you are using NTFS and not FAT in Windows. You could run into limitations and permissions issues with FAT.