"Documents" folder

Hey folk’s,

because I have a folder called “Dokumente” (German), I want to delete the folder “~/Documents” and change the link in Kickoff to /home/user/Dokumente.

Deleting the folder is no problem, but after a relogin the folder is there again, propably the link in kickoff causes this, so is there any way to change the “Documents”-standardfoldername from “Documents” to “Dokumente” so that “Documents” doesn’t get created again?


You could do several things:

  1. Look in all files in ~/.kde/share if there is a configuration file with Documents in it. Then try to understand why it is there and eventualy change it to Dokumente.

  2. Simply try to live with the fact it is there. Takes only a few bytes of diskspace. And if an application has Documents somewhere hardcoded it will not fail.

  3. Make a symbolic link of Documents and Dokumente. Then both are there and in the same time you have only one of them:

rmdir Documents
ln -s Dokumente Documents

Now whoever uses one of those names is OK.

cha@spherolith:~/.kde/share> grep -r -n -i Documents *

Changed them, no effect.

I will never submit myself to any system I’m not shuffed about.

Performed, tested and accepted. Thanks.

You can change setting also from menu:
kmenu -> settings -> system administration -> paths -> documents path
or launch the application from command line
~> kcmshell [kdeinit] desktoppath &
I have renamed ~/Documents to ~/docs and pointted the ‘documents path’ to /c:/docs . So far no problems