it started with me wanting to get the listing of “size” in Dolphin in bytes and not in “items”. So I went for the documentation and the index. I found no decent index, so I decided I would try to create one. Apparently, I succeeded, some obscure process finished 100%! A closer inspection revealed that it completed 100%, with the following message: Creating index for ‘kde_application_manuals’
htdig failed
(27738): running ("/usr/lib64/kde4/libexec/", “–indexdir=/home/JCA/.kde4/share/apps/khelpcenter/index/”, “–docpath=khelpcenter:kde_application_manuals”, “–identifier=kde_application_manuals”) failed with exitCode 255 (27738): stdout output: “”
(27738): stderr output: “” (27738) KHC::IndexBuilder::sendProgressSignal: IndexBuilder::sendProgressSignal()
(27738) KHC::IndexBuilder::processCmdQueue: IndexBuilder::processCmdQueue() (27738) KHC::IndexBuilder::quit: IndexBuilder::quit()

Then I tried to execute “susehelp”, that gave me the nice message:
kdeinit4_wrapper: Warning: connect(/root/.kde4/socket-linux-mo60/kdeinit4__0) failed: : No such file or directory

I suppose I am missing something (besides an indexed and working documentation), but what?
If there is a kind helper out there, he might find it helpful to learn that I am running openSuSE 11.2 on an x86_64 installation.

Jan Christian

Yes for some reason documentation is no longer on the DVD and if you installed from a CD well…

You can install from yast search for susehelp. Also Google can be of great help for specific packages and there is always here. :wink:

> I suppose I am missing something (besides an indexed and working
> documentation), but what?

you are missing two things:

  1. the fact that Dolphin is part of the KDE project and therefore KDE
    writes the documentation, not openSUSE…

  2. Dolphin is still very immature software and undergoing constant
    revision and improvement–that is to say that it might not be possible
    to switch size counts from item to bites, yet

you might try finding Dolphin’s documentation at the source and if you can’t ask’em why!!

and, once you find the latest documentation, if it doesn’t tell you
how to do what you wish i’d suggest you join the appropriate and ask there…but, be advised that you could
easily be asked to start writing documentation, or code to add the
feature you ask for…

remember, Dolphin/KDE doesn’t have a big corporate campus full of
highly paid computer software engineers and document copy writers
toiling away every day to keep you happy.


Hello again,

I can live with the fact that Dolphin is lacking documentation, the point is that there seems to be something called “susehelp” that is installed on my machine, but that a) I can not get hold of for some more or less obvious reason, or b) that is disguised as “kde help center”, or c) is disguised as “unix documentation”. Installing via Yast does not work, as Yast will not let me select any (documentation) package.
Best regards, Jan Christian

Does KDE install in some distribution where its apps’ help files function, or are there, or does SuSE put them all in the wrong path? I am assuming OSS help files will be fit for a purpose, but I can not find them unless I google, My icon is supposed to depict the circularity of some bootstrappy things like installing gurb from a non-existent drive or mkintirding a etx4 system the kernel for which wasn’t originally supportive.
:(:XIllustration is important
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