Documentation/Manuals for 11.3

I have noticed that the manuals for 11.3 are still not available and the link to Novell is dead:

This dead link is on the 11.3 Portal Site under Documentation / Manuals
Portal:11.3 - openSUSE

Particularly a newbie would appreciate getting some additional hand-holding by having manuals available. Anyone knows why they are not out?

You are right. For the time there seems to be no official manual for 11.3. There is some installation help here:

SDB:Installation - openSUSE

For the rest of it I suggest to refer to the manual for 11.2. Basic things did not change that much.

There seems to be a very nice handbook installed from the regular media. The index is in my filesystem by default at this location:

Thanks. I did in fact find some useful information at this location which I was looking for. Of course I still think it would be nice if the official? manual would be available at the time of release as it would help someone like me who has just started with Linux a short while ago. I did for example not find sufficient information about a Raid 1 setup which would have allowed me to successfully build one, as most information I found was either too technical or too outdated. So I am hoping that once the manuals come out, they will enlighten me enough in this area too and I can give it another try.

LOL Manuals and Open Source. Manuals seldom arrive with a release if at all.

I remember when you got a full DOS manual with every computer and or DOS disk. Now you don’t even get a Windows disk.

Did you find the information at file:///usr/share/doc/manual/opensuse-manuals_en/manual/ which seems to take you through the steps in a fairly straightforward manner and certainly does not appear outdated?