Documentation bugs: how to report?

Hello there,

Just started reading the release announcement, and noticed a couple of items that could do with a tweak to the wording. I would like to offer some corrections, but seem unable to login to Bugzilla (I have just now tried setting up an account for this purpose).

Thanks in advance.

The login (user and password) that works for the forums should also work for “”.

A recommendation:
Unless you’re very sure the problem you identify is specific only to the Release Notes,
You might also cross-reference or at least see what is in the full documentation

If you can’t locate the specific place your topic is in,
Ask and I’m sure someone can pinpoint that for you.


Perhaps I am missing something, but I don’t get past this:

Basically, it is the Tumbleweed version of the release notes.

1.2 second para has the line: “A rewrite consist of two different operation: removing the old entry and creating a new entry that replaces the first one.”
Obviously, it should be “consists” and “operations”. I just checked Leap 15.2 release notes version, and it does not contain these mistakes.

Btw, after not being able to log in to bugzilla, I also looked to subscribe to the mailing-list, but the subscription process didn’t seem straightforward either. So, for what this is, rather than pursuing it myself, I wonder if someone might pass this on to the Doc team?


I normally use Submitting Bug Reports. That gives a guided way of reporting bugs.

Created for you…

Much appreciated Malcolm. That’s very generous of you. I am impressed.

And thanks also to the other respondents.

Add yourself to the cc list :wink:

Done (since following your link to the bug this morning, I have been able to log in to Bugzilla).
Anyway, thanks again.