Docs-related request about installing XTerm on openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise


I am a technical writer preparing a docs page about installing the XTerm package on various Linux distros including yours.

I do not use SUSE Linux distros myself, so I cannot test the following command.

Can someone here please review the below text, ideally test the command, and confirm or correct it?

## openSUSE/SUSE Linux Enterprise

The command for installing XTerm from a package by using [Zypper]( on a command line on [openSUSE]( or [SUSE Linux Enterprise products](

`zypper install xterm`

I would be grateful.

As xterm is installed during the installation of openSUSE (mark that that is the name of the product these forums are about, not “SUSE Linux”), not many will bother to look after what you ask for. xterm is simply there.

But searching through my installed software, I see three packages related to xterm: xterm, xterm-bin and xtermset.
The list of files installed by xterm-bin contains /usr/bin/xterm, so I assume that is the bare minimum to install. Maybe they depend on each other and thus when you install one, the others will be added as dependencies.

As they are in the standard OSS repo that is normally configured and enabled in openSUSE, you only have to do

zypper in xterm

(as root of course).

But this is of course only useful in the unlikely case that xterm is not installed already.

That’s very helpful of you. Thank you.