Docking station monitor fails under 11.2

HW: Dell Precision M65 with nVidia Quadro FX 350M, docking station and DELL 1907FP monitor (analog connection to docking station). Standard KDE Opensuse 11.2

I use a docking station at home and another at work. At home I use the laptop’s screen, at work an external monitor connected to the docking station.

I installed 11.1 at home a while back (no ext. monitor) and without changing anything, the monitor at work also functioned perfectly.

Now I’ve just installed 11.2, also at home, but the monitor at work goes blank just when the screen should switch from ‘text’ to ‘GUI’ on start-up, i.e. it shows BIOS text, the GRUB screen, and the first chameleon up to about when the slider is halfway. At this point there’s a few seconds break before (normally) a pointer appears and chameleon #2 takes over. It’s in this pause that the monitor’s activity light goes from green to amber and the screen goes blank. Never to return. Lifting the laptop lid at this point doesn’t help either.

Mice, keyboards and headphones work on both docking stations.

YAST hardware info shows both display devices Dell FP1907 and FD162 LCD
X-server info shows the in-built screen only
SAX2 shows only the external monitor

If I use Configure Desktop → Personal Settings → Display and change the screen size from 1920 x 1200 to e.g. 1280 x 1024, then this setting reverts to 1920 x 1200 on re-boot.

Any advice most welcome …

Did you ever solve your problems? I’m having similar issues with docking my Thinkpad. It seemed to work a lot better in 11.1 although still not perfect.