Docking Station and Dual Monitor Support


i got a Dell Latitude D830 with Intel x3100 graphics and 16801050 resolution. Plugged into the docking station is a 12801024 TFT via VGA and a 1920*1200 TFT via DVI. I am running an up-to-date openSuse 11.3 with KDE4.

There are multiple issues with dual monitor, or external monitors in general:

  • When i boot up the laptop connected to the docking station, it sets the resolution to the one of the screen connected to VGA (1280*1024), but only the internal screen and the one on DVI are active.
    Its very ugly that the internal screen is active, although the laptop is closed. Disabling the screen manually works, but when i take the notebook out of the dock it won’t be reactivated automatically. Putting it back in the dock won’t reactivate the external screens again, so i can only do a hard reboot.
  • I can activate booth external screens, but when i configure them to display a wide desktop (12801024 + 19201200 right of it), the picture is broken. Actually it looks fine for a few seconds after setting, but then suddenly the video settings change again (flicker etc.) and i get what appears to be a part of the left desktop margin wrapped around at the right margin of the desktop. Also, the mouse suddenly has a horizontal offset to the right.
  • The KDE4 monitor controls have a multi monitor section that claims i don’t have a multi monitor configuration.

I tried setting video modes with KDE4 and xrandr with the same results.

Now, i don’t know what of all this is a bug specific to my hardware, specific to KDE4 or just a “feature”.

Basically this is how i want it to work:

  • Plugging into the dock automatically sets working dual screen mode (after setting it up once maybe) with internal screen off.
  • Unplugging activates internal screen and sets right resolution.

Any chances of making that happen?