docker-compose not working, zypper update always removes working version

Good Morning,

I’ve been having a problem for a few months now with the docker-compose application in openSUSE Tumbleweed.
There was an update this year that makes it impossible for me to use docker-compose, since I always get an execution error.
I figured out a workaround for this by uninstalling ‘docker-compose’ and ‘docker-compose-switch’ through Yast Software and installing ‘python310-docker-compose’ which works.

But now I have this annoying problem that every time I update my system it removes the python310-docker and reinstall the non-working docker-compose application.

What can I do to prevent the system doing this?
Thank you!


openSUSE Tumbleweed VERSION_ID="20220913"


docker-compose up -d (Version 2.10.2-1.1)
Error message: (root) Additional property mongo is not allowed"


sudo zypper in docker python310-docker-compose


**When executing the command ‘sudo zypper update’:

The following 2 NEW packages are going to be installed:
  docker-compose         2.10.2-1.1
  docker-compose-switch  1.0.5-1.3

The following package is going to be REMOVED:
  python310-docker-compose  1.29.2-1.2

You can lock python310-docker-compose so that it won’t get updated. But it would make more sense to fix your error. You have a wrong configuration in your docker-compose.yml

When you google “(root) Additional property mongo is not allowed” you will find some hints to fix your issue with your wrong configuration.

Thank you very much for the reply!

The ‘docker-compose.yml’ configuration file is provided by the company I work, so at first I thought it should work for all employees.

Then, following your suggestion, I found out that newer versions of Docker Compose require tags like ‘web’ or ‘mongo’ to be inside a top level ‘services’ tag.
My colleagues are all using different OS and older versions do Docker Compose, so they haven’t had this problem.
I fixed the file for me and it worked.

Thank You for the help!

When executing the command ‘sudo zypper update’:

Why zypper up?
You are on Tumbleweed.