Docker 42.3 image

I’d like to pull from Dockerhub an image of an Opensuse 42., but from what I understand it’s not available anymore…
The site loeads to this page :

butI don’t know if this give me an image for Docker…
Is there a way to have what I want ?

Thank in advance !

And from that page, it leads here :
and so

After a try, it seems to be the image I was looking for…do you think it’s the good choice ?

I always use Dockerhub to access images, particularly since it’s fully integrated into docker tools for downloading.

For instance from the dockerhub home page you can do a search for openSUSE

And get the following page

Where you’ll find the following image which I’d recommend

That’s a good point that openSUSE containers on dockerhub automatically default to latest current stable… I don’t think that even official 15.0 images are available. A case can be made that 42.3 is no longer supported, so should not be available anymore.

In any case, it’s pretty easy for just about anyone to make a private (not officially openSUSE) image of anything, so a 42.3 container can be created if there is reason and demand for such a thing.


Great, thank you very much for the yastdevel package, i didn’t see it.