Do you like the new design OpenSUSE 11.2?

I really like it. How do you like it?
Please share your opinions.

I love the new design, and ecspecially KDE’s new theme. It is just a bit too drab. It would be even better if they could liven the colors up a bit. I haven’t looked at the new Gnome theme yet.

The green is too dark, seems like the trend of all distros seems to be overly dark and drab themes these days.

No, we need a brown theme like Ubuntu!

lol, sorry, just messing :D.

No, I really love the new look, and I really like the new “Yastie”, it’s much easier to distinguish Yast2 from Desktop Settings now.

I must say, I tried m8 as a liveCD earlier this week, and it seemed absolutely flawless to me. I got my proprietary Broadcom wireless driver compiled and running, the Nvidia driver compiled and running, it mounted partitions on the hard disk properly, it also handled USB and encrypted filesystems correctly, and all that from simply running the liveCD!

I’ve been having massive DVD drive problems in the last few days, but once they are fixed I will be installing it on my spare hard disk to test it fully out.

I’m really looking forward to the actual release, from what I’ve seem so far it’s going to be a good one :).

Not bad. It looks like a moss green to me. With one drop of red color it will become brown.:X

The colour is ok, but the graphic looks similar to PCLOS, which looks similar to… ? Where is the originality? :expressionless:

I dont know, but last 3 versions of suse, green look dirty, not fresh.

When it comes to lawn and vegetables green is fresh.:wink:

I really like the new look. Currently i’m using M8 installed from the KDE LiveCD and i’m really enjoying it. I haven’t tried Gnome and probably won’t because KDE is really nice<:)

I love the design. Though on my laptop, it has a LED screen, it looks a bit pale.

I adjusted my monitor and now I can really appreciate the new design. It’s nice, elegant and miles away from 11.1.

Just the shade of green i like.
Spot on

Beeter than other 11.x versions thus far, but the default KDE4 theme should be changed. It’s way too bland and gray. Also, no idea having two separators between close window & min/max buttons. One is enough.

I’d really like to see default window decoration as Plastik. It has colour and isn’t thus as intimidating and dull.

In my own opinion, the black used during installation / upgrade looks a bit dirty if that is what one can call it. It is also very rough which is immediately visible on my 24" Philips Screen. Personally I would stick with the light green or blue colors as OpenSUSE used in the past but perhaps in a Blue or Green Scale. For the leave or twiggy silhoette I would use something like a bevelled greenery. I am not sure I did see the KDE desktop background as I am writing this from my laptop but for the Setup I would recommend a revision with lighter or brighter theme and perhaps something looking more natural (With that I mean like in nature). I can design something if someone cares as I usually get A for design, especially given a little bit of time. The question is if someone cares and if so, I need a spec and perhaps even a idea to follow.;). If somebody cares, I can post something on my web site by next week. This mentioned, I do not want to put anybody down. OpenSUSE teams have done a great job with OpenSUSE 11.2 as well as previous distributions and I am very unlikely to choose any other distribution. I hope they keep up the good work and would be glad if I can contribute in any way. That said, I plan to write a review to be released on or shortly after the release of OpenSUSE 11.2.

Had another look and even though the black may good with the console / terminal (Just not smooth enough), I still think the OpenSUSE team can do better :O. Looking further, I found that konqueror web browser came with this really cool background, similar to what I recommended (I did not see it before but the style is similar to my recomendation) with the ony difference being circles on the one side, perhaps a bit overkill. It is this green and darker green to white possible even yellow and white background which looks like leaves taken out of focus. The circle aims to give it a more modern feel (Which partially works) but I think I could possible even improve on that with some type of bevel inlay or something that sort of looks like a high class modern engraving. Still the konqueror images looks nice, neet, natural, yet modern and is exactly the sort of idea I would be aiming for as it is not something one would grow tired of very soon as I would like to think the case with the black to green would be. I have a couple of blurred Welwitchia photos which have a similar effect which even if the photo was a disaster and due to wind blasting the heck out of my long body, the picture looks stunning. The problem with my blurred Welvitchia photos is that they have red due to the flowers which most likely not fit with in as the picture is not still enough (i.e. To much going on in the picture). I do however like the effect of greens, whites etc. going into time warp if you may (Like in Star Trek before they go into time warp you get this type of out of focus distortion which looks great if applied to natural pictures (Especially on Greens)):slight_smile: That would also suggest OpenSUSE 11.2 Going into time warp!

The new design is very nice, both for GNOME & KDE. Although I use KDE mostly, I must say that the GNOME theme in 11.2 is great. Too bad the icon package didn’t make it in by default.

I have to say, after seeing the Gnome 11.2 screenshots that 11.2 is going to have one of the nicest default themes ever as far as Gnome is concerned. I’m waiting to try out 11.2 on my laptop. Unfortunately, it’s a rather new laptop (bought it in June) and 11.1 does not support it, so I’m getting my Linux fix with Ubuntu right now.

That being said. I can’t wait for the new release. I’m pumped.

The KDE implementation in openSUSE 11.2 is very nice. KDE 4.1 in 11.1 just looked simply ‘milky’ but KDE 4.3 in version 11.2 looks cool. Looking forward to switching to openSUSE after 11.2 comes out.
By the way, I currently use Fedora 11 with KDE 4.3.2, and although I must say that it is nice, it seems obvious that the Fedora developers have made no serious effort in tweaking KDE and making it better: it’s almost ‘plain vanilla KDE’, which I don’t like. An OS should have a part in what you see on your computer, not just the simple DE! Anyway, I’d like to say that KDE 4.3 will look good on any distro, (have a look at Kubuntu 9.10) but without slight tweaking and customized adding of tools and utilities, a desktop environment is just bland. That’s where distros like Fedora, Kubuntu etc. fail. In my opinion, the only two good distros about today for KDE are openSUSE and Mandriva.

I’m impressed. even while running Factory for ages now, so I’ve seen it coming, still very impressed.
@BrownieCat: in a way I agree with the Fedora builders. Tweaking and improving KDE should be done by the KDE builders. In 10 years of linux experience I’ve seen enough forking etc. I don’t want an openSUSE KDE, I want openSUSE, with KDE. If openSUSE finds improvements, they should go to KDE upstream (as has happened lots of times). BTW, it took only 10 minutes to make Fedora’s KDE4 4.3.2 in a VM look exactly like openSUSE’s. Don’t want to talk about kUbuntu.

I understand you, but still… Every one of us has his/her own preferences, and while you may like plain KDE, I like KDE that has been tweaked well, like openSUSE has. That (in my opinion) makes it look more polished and gives it a ready-to-be-put-and-sold-in-a-box feel. It makes it look like a real OS with the DE and OS blended together, not just the DE.
And Kubuntu… Well, don’t know very much about it. What is it in Kubuntu that people hate? I’ve had a look at it and… don’t know what to say. :confused: I can say, however, that it is definitely not as good as openSUSE.